pirate badges

If you are a badge collector, you're in luck! Pirates have badges for sale!

check our discord or tweeter thing for badge pick-up times and locations.

if you are a pirate and your badge isn't on this list, email us!

true's RGBPP Pirate Puzzle Badge / Addon
purchase supports Whiskey Pirates activities this year
$80 cash assembled; $60 cash for partial solder kit

true's Addon Addon for the official DC31 badge
RGB bling and addon host without being obnoxious by itself
purchase of Addon Addon discounts any other single badge or addon from true by $10
$70 cash fully assembled

true's microdoom GAT addon
if controller portion is ever done, it is included with purchase
supports Type-C keyboards <200mA, sound. multiplayer is untested.
does not support USB PD supplies; basic 5V only if supplying USB power
$140 cash fully assembled

true has various older addons from previous DEF CONs
limited quantities: AOA Disagree Dual Solder Kits $20, Acrylic Signs $40, maybe more

alt_bier's The Future Will Prevail solder kit
$60 Cash for solder kit